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Dr. Rahul Shah is an exclusive consulting Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon. He completed his Bachelors in Dental Surgery with first class from Mumbai and earned his Masters in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery with first class from Pune.

Dr. Rahulis attached to Bethany, Jupiter, Fortis and Hira Mongi hospitals. He is an integral part of the Smile Train Cleft lip & palate team at Godrej Hospital. He has been a central part of Maxillofacial surgical Cleft lip & palate corrective camp in Bhachau, Kutch since 2010. He is also attached to several private dental clinics spanning across Mumbai.

He is a dedicated practitioner who implements cutting edge techniques by knowledge amassed from various National & International Conferences. He has been Faculty at the prestigious AO Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgeons association. He has had a cumulative training in his field of expertise from Tata Memorial Hospital, GSR Institute of Cleft lip & palate and Sion Hospital Mumbai. He has an experience of more than 2500 oral surgical procedures. He is instrumental in planning and successfully executing complicated single tooth to full mouth implantology.

Academically gifted, he has presented a variety of clinical and research papers. He has conducted a research thesis on Comparative evaluation of 2 point and 3 point fixation for management of displaced zygomaticomaxillary complex fractures. He also has other publications to his name. Dr. Rahul Shah has the experience of being Senior Lecturer at a Dental College. He continues to spread his passion for his fraternity by conducting courses for dental practitioners and is a Speaker for the Academy of Integrated Dental Education.

  • Exclusive Oral & Maxillofacial practice
  • Has more than 6 years of clinical experience
  • Focus of interest in correction of Facial Asymmetry including Cleft lip and palate
  • Actively conducting courses for Continued Dental Education


  • Sahyog Maxillofacial Centre  Mon,Wed,Fri 8:30-9:30 pm, Tues,Thurs, Sat 6:00-7:00pm
  • Bethany HospitalMon, Wed,Fri, Sat 2:00-4:00pm, Tues 8:00-9:00 pm
  • Heramongi Hospital Mon,Wed 12:00-1:00 pm
  • Godrej hospital (Smile Train) Wed 12:00-1:00 pm
  • Jupiter Hospital by appointment
  • Fortis Hospital by appointment

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral & Maxillofacial surgery (OMS or OMFS) specializes in treating many diseases, injuries and defects in the head, neck, face, jaws and the hard and soft tissues of the Oral (mouth) and Maxillofacial (jaws and face) region. It is an internationally recognized surgical specialty.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are trained to treat and care for patients suffering from conditions such as pain in wisdom teeth, facial pain, and asymmetric jaws. They also specialize in treating accident victims suffering from facial injuries and offer reconstructive expertise.

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