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Mr Ravindra Shah Testimonial

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I Ravindra Shah am 70 now.

I would like to share my transformation with you. I was an avid foodie and use to have pan masala and stuff on regular basis. 5 yrs. back it all had adverse effect on my teeth and my gums weakened.I could not chew properly and lost 50% of my teeth till then and gums weakened.
My tongue started slurring and i could not talk properly. All this had an adverse effect on my behaviour which i could not connect due to poor chewing I could not satisfy my hunger and led to poor digestion.
I started getting irritated with everyone and could not have my food to my liking. I use to regularly quarrel as a side effect of this and my health deteriorated.

Then Dr. Rahul Shah happened.

He gave me in depth knowledge of transplanting teeth its advantages and the risk involved by initiating the procedure. I would take at least 6 months patience for the whole thing to complete in which 4 month i could not chew hard food and materials.
I reluctantly gave in and the procedure started. Dr.Rahul and his team of doctors took the case on war footing and assured me that it will be completed in record time and least pain.
After the implant today i am able to eat all my stuff with proper chewing, my appetite has returned and i have regained my health.

Slurring of my tongue has disappeared and my facial features has regained its youthful smile. I am very much thankful to Dr.Rahul Shah and his team especially Dr.Saili Shah who took utmost care during the entire procedure.
I would like to say i could not control my urge to have beetlenuts and broke 2 teeths which were temporarily implanted till my gums became strong,but they fixed it with total care.
I once again thank Dr.Rahul Shah and deeply bestow my best wishes for a bright future ahead.

Best Regards
Ravindra  R Shah